Man’s Sexual Health Program

Few people think that man’s overall health and life energies are very depend on his sexual health.

Few know that sexual energy could be transformed into success and life energy.

Very few men have experienced energetic multi orgasm, it is possible and natural, if your body can transmit sexual energy over all the body and if the body is not blocking that energy.

Man’s Sexual Health Program consists of Karsai massage (massage of genitals). Its purpose is to open the blocks and clean tocsins from the blood vessels, that will normalize blood and lymph streams and genitals will get energy, health and wellbeing. General stress, bad moods and lack of life energy will disappear once blood vessels are clean and blood stream is normal.

Normal blood circulation in genitals will lead to normal hormones’ balance in the body, libido will increase, and erection will improve and will be more stable, early ejaculation will not happen; “sexual” boring syndrome will disappear.

Your self-evaluation and self believe will increase a lot and lead to new achievements in the life. You will get new colors in your life.

Man’s Sexual Health Program was uniquely developed in Love Flower Studio, and is based on developments of Moscow massage association, Dao’s energy techniques of Karsai massage and body oriented psychotherapy.

Program combines ancient esoteric practices together with modern science knowledge.

Karsai massage together with body oriented psychotherapy and teta-meditation creates huge improvement in body, mind and soul wellbeing.

Karsai massage together with urologic prostate massage creates better result in improving potency, increasing libido and body sensitivity.

Program consists of working with different parts of body with emphasize on hips, small of the back, sacrum, buttocks, prostate, stomach, pubis, perineum, eggs and scrotum.

Sexual organs will be healthy if they get enough blood stream, if blood stream is poor that will cause lack of sexuality and difficulties with erection.

Man’s Sexual Health Program is especially created to improve man’s sexual organs functionality.

In Studio
Diagnostical Program (1 hour) – 5000 rubles
Base Program (2 hours) – 8000 rubles
Enhanced Program (4 hours) – 15000 rubles

Outcalls (only hotels)
Base Program (2 hours) – 10000 rubles
Enhanced Program (4 hours) – 20000 rubles

If you buy 5 meetings in advance - 5%
If you buy 10 meetings in advance - 10%

For more information and making appointment please call +7-926-182-53-89 or fill the form below.